Nucleating Agent for PLA


Trade name: Nucleating agent BX NA 360

Chemical Name:Hexanedioic acid,1,6-bis(2-benzoylhydrazide)
Formula: C20H22N404

Molecular Weight:382.4

CAS No.:35658-33-4 Technical


Appearance: White powder

Melting point: >240℃
Whiteness(R457): ≥90%
Heating loss (105℃): ≤1.0%

Applications & Features

nucleating agent 360 is a general variety of hydrazide nucleating agents, mainly suitable for the crystallization of polylactic acid (PLA), polybutylene succinate (PBS), polyalkyl alkylate (PHAS), etc. Biodegradable polyester. It can promote resin crystallization, increase the final product temperature, shorten the molding cycle, increase the heat-resistant temperature, improve mechanical properties, and increase surface gloss.

It can be used in food contact materials. At the same time, Nucleating agent 360 can also effectively improve the heat resistance of polypropylene carbonate (PPC) during processing. Based on the hydrazide group in its structure, it also can inhibit and catalyze the degradation of polymers by chemically variable metal ions (heavy metal ions), thus showing certain stabilization properties.
The recommended dosage is 0.5~1.5phr of the matrix resin. When combined with resin pellets such as PLA, other dispersants can be appropriately used to promote uniform dispersion. This product can be used directly in matrix resin or can be processed into a master batch of a certain concentration.


Sanitation & Safety

Acute toxicity test: nucleating agent 360, oral LD50(rat)>5000mg/, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and should be avoided to form dust in the course of operation and use. Keep away from the fire source.



Paper-plastic composite bag.


Handling and storage

Storage It should be stored in dark, cool,dry and sealed conditions

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