BX FR DBNPG Dibromoneopentyl Glycol


Product Name : Dibromoneopentyl Glycol(DBNPG), BX FR DBNPG
Equivalent Name  Dead Sea ICL FR‐522;
Cas No. : 3296‐90‐0
Molecular Weight  261.94



Appearance white powder

Purity %..99.5 min.
Bromine content %. 60 min.
Melt point °C 109.5 min.
Color APHA 20 max.
1% weight loss 196°C
5% weight loss 225°C
10% weight loss 245°C


Thermosetting polyester resins can be formulated over a wide range of compositions to provide a broader selection of resin properties than those available with anhydride flame retardant. Resins formulated with Dibromoneopentyl Glycol(DBNPG) have high chemical and flame resistance and minimal thermal discoloration and excellent light stability The high bromine content of it and its ready reaction into polyurethanes make it suitable for use in rigid polyurethane foams, UPE,PU rigid foams


25kg/bag, 1000kgs per pallets


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