BX FR HBCD Hexabromocyclododecane


Product Name : Hexabromocyclododecane(HBCD), BX FR HBCD
Equivalent Name  Albermarle Saytex HP‐900; Chemtura CD‐75 ,SP‐75; Dead Sea ICL FR‐1206
Cas No. : 3194‐55‐6
Molecular Weight 641.7



Appearance white powder

Purity %.99.0 min.
Bromine content %. 74 min.
Melt point °C 180 min.
Volatile% 0.3max.
1% weight loss 215°C
5% weight loss 244°C
10% weight loss 255°C



Hexabromocyclododecane(HBCD) contains a high amount of alicyclic bromine. Its cycloaliphatic nature results in a low melting point and high solubility in common solvents. It is possible to achieve transparent flame retardant formulations with HBCD flame retardant. It can be used without the addition of Sb2O3 material. Its high bromine content allows reduced loadings and its low melting point provides melt processability, resulting in minimal effect on the mechanical properties of formulated systems.

It’s an ideal flame retardant for EPS and XPS.



25kg/bag, 1000kgs per pallets


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