BX FR OP1400


BX FR OP1400 is a halogen-free flame retardant based on organic phosphinates, white powder, good fluidity. The product can be recycled


PA66-25GF@UL94V0: 0.4mm: 20/22%; 0.8mm: 18-20%; 1.6mm: 16-18%
 PA6-30GF@UL94V0: 0.8mm: 20/22%; 1.6mm: 18-20%; 3.2mm: 16-18%

Typical Properties

CharacteristicsUnitTarget ValueTest Method
Densityg/cm30.4-0.7at 20°C
Particle Size Distribution D50^m20-50Laser diffraction in acetone
Water / Moisture%(By wt.)max. 0.5Thermogravimetry
Decomposition Temperatureoc> 350(DTA/TG)



 The color of the product is stable without graying.
 No contact metal corrosion and a small amount of precipitation under high temp.and high-humidity environment.
 Design flexibility: the mechanical properties are greatly improved to meet the toughness requirements of complex parts, compared with the P&N system.
 Wider processing window.
 Less gas and mold scale.
 Lower corrosion of equipment.



 The resin must keep a low moisture content
 When using twin-screw granulation, the screw combination with weak shear should be  used, combined with low processing temperature and high vacuum
 Nylon toughening agent, polyolefin, EBS, and other components will seriously affect the flame retardant effect
 Carbon black can affect CTI, so it is recommended to use organic black in combination or alone.


25 kg /bag, using paper bags with PE inner. The product should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.


TDS / MSDS Download

BX FR OP 1400 TDS baoxu chemical