BX FR OP935 is a new efficient halogen-free flame retardant based on organic phosphinates. The product is a white powder, has a tiny particle diameter, high phosphorus content, is moisture-proof and has low water absorption. In a variety of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer resin systems, BX FR 935 has good dispersibility and compatibility without precipitated.
BX FR OP935 also has excellent thermal stability and good hydrolysis resistance, insoluble in water and common organic solvents.The flame retardant also has some effect to improve the dielectric properties and CTI.


BX FR OP935 can be used in many areas of epoxy resin and the electronics industry. Such as electrical and electronic functions adhesives, retardant ink, epoxy electronic potting, label adhesive, and so on. It can meet the most stringent flammability standards. Due to its specifically designed particle diameter distribution, BX FR 935 is especially suitable for FCCL, FFC insulating films, FFC reinforcement plates, and CCL which have high
requirements in halogen-free flame retardant, electrical properties and thermal stability. BX FR 935 can either be added individually, but also with other halogen-free flame retardants and inorganic fillers to achieve the higher and better flame retardant effect, electrical, and mechanical processing, heat resistance and other comprehensive performance. After
adding, the flame retardant can achieve the best dispersion with a high-speed shear mixing machine.

Typical Properties

CharacteristicsUnitTarget ValueTest Method
Phosphorus% (w/ w)23. 0-24. 0
Water / Moisture% (w/ w)Max 0. 5Thermogravimetry 130 C
Densityg/cm3Approx. 1. 35at 20 C
Bulk Densitykg/m3100-250


> 350TGA 1% weight loss
Particle Size Distribution (D50)pm< 3Laser diffraction in acetone
Particle Size Distribution (D97)pm< 10Laser diffraction in acetone



15kg per bag, using paper bags with PE inner. Products should be sealed storage, stored in a dry and cool place to avoid dust.


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