Leveling Agent


Leveling agent is a commonly used coating additive, which can promote the formation of a flat, smooth, and uniform coating film during the drying and film-forming process of the coating. A class of substances that can effectively reduce the surface tension of coating fluids and improve their leveling and uniformity. It can improve the permeability of the coating solution, reduce the possibility of spots and marks when brushing, increase the coverage, and make the film formation uniform and natural. The main components are surfactants, organic solvents, etc.


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Leveling agent

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Leveling Agent by Application

Leveling agent for solvent-based paint
Leveling agent for water-based paint
Leveling agent for powder coating


Baoxu Leveling Agent

Product NameAnalog toFeaturesProduct Type


active %Chemical


BAOXU 7331ABYK 331Moderately reduces surface tension, excellent wetting and leveling, and improves hand feeling, not easy to foam, excellent cost performanceWetting and leveling agentorganosiloxane polymer
BAOXU 7410BYK 322Moderately reduces surface tension, excellent wetting and leveling, dry hand feeling, good alignment to matte powder and aluminum powderAnti-sticking and leveling agent98%organosiloxane polymer
BAOXU 7354BYK 354Realize long-wave leveling through immiscibility, and have certain anti-foam performanceAcrylic leveling agent50%polyacrylate solution
BAOXU 7411Elementis 435Wetting agent for oily substrates, which can strongly reduce surface tension and effectively solve the shrinkage phenomenon caused by oily substratesSubstrate wetting agent100%polysiloxane compound
BAOXU 7412BYK 346Strongly reduce the static surface tension, the PH is greater than 12 and still has good stabilityWater-based substrate wetting agent50%Polyether siloxane compound
BAOXU 7414Effectively reduce the dynamic surface tension, and have better anti-foaming and defoaming propertiesWater-based substrate wetting agent50%
BAOXU 7421TEGO 245Effectively reduce static surface tensionWater-based substrate wetting agent100%Polyether siloxane compound
BAOXU 7422TEGO 270Effectively reduce static surface tension and improve shrinkage cavitiesWater-based substrate wetting agent100%Polyether siloxane compound
BAOXU 7425TEGO 4000Effectively reduce dynamic and static surface tension, improve shrinkage, and focus on foam suppressionWater-based substrate wetting agent100%Siloxane-grafted compounds of acetylenic alcohols and polyethers
BAOXU 7425AEvonik TEGO 4100Effectively reduce dynamic and static surface tension, improve wetting and shrinkage cavityWater-based substrate wetting agent100%Siloxane-grafted compounds of acetylenic alcohols and polyethers
BAOXU 7361EFKA 3772Improved long-wave leveling, universal for water and oilFluorine-modified acrylate leveling agent60%Fluorine-modified acrylate solution
BAOXU 7306BYK 306General-purpose silicone leveling agent, not easy to affect readabilityWetting and leveling agent15%Organosiloxane solution
BAOXU 7358ABYK 358NGood compatibility with alkyd, polyester and acrylic, very suitable for overprint varnishes to improve long-wave levelingAcrylic leveling agent52%polyacrylate solution
BAOXU 7377EFKA 3777Long-wave leveling through immiscibilityFluorine-modified acrylate leveling agent70%Fluorine-modified acrylate solution
BAOXU 7333BYK 333, TEGO 450Water and oil universal, medium surface tension reduction, excellent wetting and leveling, and improved hand feelingWetting and leveling agent98%organosiloxane polymer
BAOXU 7331BYK 331, TEGO 410Moderately reduces surface tension, excellent wetting and leveling, and improves hand feeling, not easy to foamWetting and leveling agent98%organosiloxane polymer


Leveling Agent for industrial coating

application systemWetting leveling agent
Industrial CoatingsSolvent typetwo-component polyurethane7306/7333/7331/7377


two-component epoxy7306/7331/7333/7377


thermoplastic acrylic7306/7331/7333/7358


High-temperature paint7306/7331/7358/7377


Resin-free color paste7306/7333
UV curing system7331/7333/7377/7411


Viscosity reduction high filler
matte paste
Industrial Coatings   Water


Non-reactive self-drying emulsion7414/7412/7422/7361
two-component polyurethane7414/7412/7422/7425


two-component epoxy7414/7412/7422/7425


water-soluble resin7414/7412/7422/7333


High Concentration Color Paste7414/7412/7422/7425A
Viscosity reduction with high filler

Leveling Agent for car & floor coating

application systemWetting leveling agent
car paintSolvent typeprimer7306/7354/7377
1K color paint7306/7354/7377/7410/7331/7333
2K Topcoat7358A/7306/7354/7377/7410/7331/7333/
1K color paint7412/7414/7422/7425/7425A/7333/7361
2K Topcoat7412/7414/7422/7425/7425A/7333/7361
Heavy duty coatingSolvent/Solvent Free Coatings7411/7306/7331/7410/7377/7354
floor coatingSolvent typeepoxy floor7411/7333/7331/7377A
Methacrylate Flooring7333/7331/7377A/7411

Leveling Agent for adhesives, furniture coating, thermoset

application systemWetting leveling agent
furniture coatingSolvent typetwo-component polyurethane7306/7333/7331/7410/7358A7377
unsaturated polyester7306/7333/7331/7410/7358A7377
acid cure7306/7333/7331/7410/7358A7377
UV curing system7331/7333/7377/7410


solvent-based/solvent-freeAcrylate system7333/7410/7331
two-component epoxy7333/7331
Silane modified polymer7333/7331
Unsaturated Polyester/Vinyl Esters7306/7377A/7358A/7331
composite materialThermosetAcrylate

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