BX FR OP950 is a white granular powder based on an organic phosphinate. The product is not hygroscopic and slightly soluble both in water and in common organic solvents. It melts at 200 °C.


BX FR OP950 is a flame retardant for thermoplastics and synthetic fibers. Due to its high phosphorus content, the product is distinguished by its high efficiency.
BX FR OP950 is developed especially for use in polyesters. It is suitable for injection molding and fiber applications.The flame retarded polyester compounds exhibit very well
physical and electrical properties.
The recommended dosage of BX FR OP950 for PET fibers is 5-10%. With 5% BX FR OP950 a limit oxygen index (LOI) of 33% can be achieved. BX FR OP950 has to be
incorporated in the PET compound before the spinning process.In PBT, a dosage of 10-15% (by wt.)NP3006 together with 10-15% nitrogen synergists like melamine
polyphosphate or melamine cyanurate is usually sufficient to obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification for electrical components (at 1.6 as well as 0.8mm thicknesses). BX FR OP950 melts under processing temperatures above 200°C and is miscible with the molten polyesters. Before incorporating BX FR OP950, it is important to predry the polyester as usual.

Typical Properties

CharacteristicsUnitTarget ValueTest Method
Appearance Phosphorus Water / Moisture%(w/w)


white dispersed powder



Densityg/cm3approx. 1.3at 20 C
Bulk Densitykg/m3approx. 500-700acc. to DIN 53466
Decomposition Temperature>350DTA/TG


• Melts under processing temperatures above 200 °C, and is miscible with molten polyesters
• High efficiency due to its high phosphorus content
• Suitable for injection molding and fiber applications
• Minimal impact on physical properties of polyester compounds
• Suited for PET fibers with LOI > 30 %
• Not hygroscopic, slightly soluble in water and common organic solvents



Before processing, Nylon must be dried, and the moisture content must be less than 0.1%(by weight), and BX FR OP1312 does not require drying. The processing temperature should not exceed 320℃.


25 kg /bag, using paper bags with PE inner. The product should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.


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