BX FR OP1312


BX FR OP1312 is a halogen-free flame retardant based on organic phosphinates. The product achieves its flame retardant effect through intumescence. The thermoplastic
polymer with BX FR OP1312 foams and crosslinks on exposure to flame and forms a stable char at the surface acting as a barrier. The protective layer provides a heat insulation
effect, reduces oxygen access and prevents dripping of molten polymer.


BX FR OP1312 is white powder, developed especially for Nylon. It is suitable for both glass fiber reinforced Nylon and non-reinforced Nylon. The flame retardant Nylon
exhibits excellent physical and electrical properties.

In glass fiber reinforced Nylon 6 or 6.6, recommended to add 13 to 16% (by weight). BX FR OP1312 is usually sufficient to achieve the UL94 V-0 flame retardant requirements (at 1.6
0.8mm thickness).Due to different formulations and processing conditions, the dosage of flame retardant may be different.

Typical Properties

Characteristics                                   Unit                 Target Value                   DS1)TD2) Test Method

Phosphorus                                       %(w/w)           21-23                                               效 O

Water/Moisture                                 %(w/w)           max. 0.35                         O Thermogravimetry

Density                                                g/cm3              1.6                                              O 0 at 20 °C

Bulk Density                                      kg/m3              About 500                                        O 0

Decomposition Temperature °C                           > 320                             O ® TGA1 % weight loss

Average Particle Size (D50)          |jm                   < 10                                                   O ®



 Achieves its flame retardant effect through a combined gas phase and condensed phase mode of action
 UL 94 V-0 rating down to 0.4 mm thickness
 Good colorability
 Suited for both glass-fiber-reinforced and unreinforced grades
 The flame retarded polyamide compounds exhibit very good physical and excellent electrical properties
 Low smoke toxicity
 Good contrast in laser marking
 Low material density
 Non-halogenated flame retardants with favorable environmental and health profile



Before processing, Nylon must be dried, and the moisture content must be less than 0.1%(by weight), and BX FR OP1312 does not require drying. The processing temperature should not exceed 320℃.


25 kg /bag, using paper bags with PE inner. The product should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.


TDS / MSDS Download

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