BX FR ZDP Diethyl zinc hypophosphite


BX FR ZDP is a white powder, a high-temperature resistant, non-migrating phosphorus-containing organic zinc salt flame retardant. It will melt at high temperatures, which is beneficial to melt blending with polymers and will not block the spinneret holes. It is especially suitable for PET fiber fabrics and PET The film system is halogen-free and flame retardant and has good compatibility with the matrix resin. Can also be used in PBT and PET injection molding.

product Name   Phosphinic acid,P, P-diethyl-, zinc salt (2:1)

Synonyms  Phosphinicacid, diethyl-, zinc salt (9CI);

Equivalent to Exolit OP 950; Zinc diethyl phosphinate

Molecular Formula  C4H11O2P*1/2Zn

CAS Registry Number   284685-45-6



Physical property item unit test value

Phosphorus content % (w/w) 20-21%

Melting temperature ℃ 210

Density g/cm3 1.40

Moisture % (w/w) <0.2

2% initial decomposition temperature ℃ >350



BX FR ZDP is suitable for producing permanent flame-retardant polyester products such as polyester chips, filaments, staple fibers, and films. The resulting flame-retardant polyester chips have good hue, good spinnability, good fiber strength, and good dyeability.

BX FR ZDP has a significant flame retardant effect, especially on polyester. It is used for injection molding and fiber applications. When used in PET, the limiting oxygen index (LOI) of this flame retardant material can reach more than 30% when the addition amount is 3%. When used in PBT, 10~15% BX FR ZDP is mixed with 10~15% nitrogen-based flame retardants such as melamine polyphosphate and melamine cyanuric acid to make the material reach UL94 V-0 level (1.6 and 0.8mm thickness) .


Packed in paper-plastic composite bags lined with plastic bags, net weight 25 kg per bag;

Products must be sealed and stored in a dry, dust-free and cool place.


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