BX FM PA Nylon Flow Modifier


BX FM PA is a high molecular weight, non-volatile, non-decomposed, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lubricant containing an aromatic chemical structure and a “hyperbranched” structure. Its comprehensive performance is far superior to traditional single-performance spirocyclic CBT resin, EBS and silicon Lubricants. The products meet RoHS and REACH international environmental standards.


Product function

Increase flow, increase elongation, improve dispersion, improve compatibility, increase filling amount, eliminate surface floating fibers” multiple functions in one.



Appearance solid particles or powder

Effective substance (wt/%) ≥98%

Stability No precipitation

Density (g/cm 3) 1.0 ~1.1

Melting range (℃) 160 ~180


Product performance

(1) The melt viscosity is low, and non-volatile, and the initial thermal decomposition temperature is nearly 300°C.

(2) Effectively reduce melt pressure and host current, improve melt flow and processing performance.

(3) Significantly improve the degree of dispersion of pigments, fillers or glass fibers in the system.

(4) Improve the surface gloss of the product, improve the appearance, and eliminate the phenomenon of shark skin and floating fibers.

(5) Increase the filler filling ratio and reduce the overall cost of the product.


Application fields

(1) High-content glass fiber reinforced PA6/PA66;

(2) Glass fiber reinforced PP;

(3) Glass fiber reinforced PC/PBT/PET;

(4) Glass fiber reinforced ABS;


Application data

The comprehensive performance is better than CBT-100 resin, dendrimers, etc. The product has a high surface finish, no shark skin and floating fibers, and has no impact on mechanical properties such as tensile strength and impact strength.

Adding 0.7% BX FM PA can increase the melt index of the PA-6/PA-66 plus 50% GF system by 80%, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of floating fibers on the surface of high glass fiber reinforced nylon, and achieving good tensile strength, bending strength and impact strength. has seen an increase.


Packaging and storage

Packaging: 25kg/barrel (paper barrel)

Storage: Store in a dry, ventilated place without heat sources or direct sunlight;

If the entire barrel cannot be used up at once, please seal it in time