BX FR TBNPA Tribromoneopentyl Alcohol


Product Name :  Tribromoneopentyl Alcohol(TBNPA), BX FR TBNPA
Equivalent Name Dead Sea ICL FR‐513, FR‐1360
Cas No. : 1522‐92‐5 or 36483‐57‐5
Molecular Weight  324



Appearance white powder

Purity %..97 min.
Melt point °C 64 min.
Color APHA 40 max.
1% weight loss 126°C
5% weight loss 149°C
10% weight loss 162°C


Tribromoneopentyl Alcohol(TBNPA) is a reactive flame retardant containing approx. 73% aliphatic bromine. It combines a high bromine content with exceptional stability and is particularly suitable where thermal. hydrolytic and light stability are required. Major uses of it are as a reactive intermediate for high molecular weight flame retardants, particularly in combination with phosphorus. and as a reactive flame retardant for polyurethanes where its high solubility in the system makes it especially useful. It reacts through its single hydroxyl function to form pendant urethane groups. Its high bromine content and good compatibility in CFC‐free PU systems enable high standards of fire retardancy to be reached together with good foam properties in both rigid and flexible PU.


25kg/bag, 1000kgs per pallets


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