BX Silica K45 Anti block agent


Bx silicon K45 plastic grade silica anti block agent, which is a kind of amorphous silica synthesized by precipitation method. It looks like white powder. It is manufactured through special processing technology and has good compatibility with plastics. It has a porous structure, which results in less addition, good dispersion, no need for grinding, and will not affect the transparency and strength of the plastic film. Non-toxic, non-polluting, does not contain any volatile substances and precipitates, ensuring the quality of the packaged items; improves the adhesion resistance of the film on high-speed packaging lines, improves creep resistance, and has a reinforcing effect on the film; this particle The exposed molecular chains of the polymer are reduced during the processing, so that there is no entanglement of macromolecular chains when the two films are in contact, thereby solving the anti-blocking problem; at the same time, because the molecular chains are not exposed, the film also reduces friction when it is rubbed by objects. adsorption force, thus increasing slipperiness.

Product purpose and usage:

silica anti block agent is mainly used for PP, PE, PET, and PVC plastic film masterbatch to improve the anti-blocking performance and film slipperiness of the film without grinding. For PET film customers with extremely low moisture requirements, the product can be dried below 300°C before use without affecting the performance of the product. Replace Grace SYLOBLOC & PQ Gasil AB series gas silicon.

Product technical specifications

Average particle size, D50/μm4.0-4.5
Oil absorption value, g/100g150-200
pH value (5% aqueous suspension solution)6.0~8.0
Porosity, ml/g0.8~1.0
Loss on drying (105℃, 2Hrs), %≤2.0
Weight loss on ignition (1000℃, 2Hrs), %≤6.0
Surface treatmentnone

The above test methods comply with the HG/T 4526-2013 “Silicon Dioxide for Matting” standard


Anti Blocking agent safety and operation

For detailed information of safe storage, usage, and operation of BX Silicone K45, please refer to the MSDS. Before accepting this product, you should read over the information in MSDS carefully.



Baoxu Anti Blocking agent

FunctionItem nameTypeEquivalent to
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX ErucamideErucamideArmoslip E
Crodamide ER
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX Oleamide OleamideArmoslip CP
Crodamid VRX
Anti Blocking agentBX silicone K45SiliconSylobloc 45,  SPHERILEX 30
Anti Blocking agentBX silicone K70SiliconSPHERILEX 60
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX Silicone PE MBSiliconMasterbatch
Anti Blocking & Anti SlipBX Silicone PP MBSiliconMasterbatch


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