Antioxidant & UV stabilizer for waterbased system

Introduction to waterbased system

Due to high environmental awareness, water-based coatings have made great progress in recent years, with water-based acrylic, water-based polyurethane, and mixed resin continues to evolve. Even water-based polyesters and epoxy resins have emerged. With the water-based features, Additives are also continuously improving, and UV absorbers to protect outdoor light fastness are also converted from semi-aqueous to pure water.
Semi-aqueous antioxidant & UV absorbers often cause storage safety problems and are not enough for new waterborne resins. It is easy to cause the problem of precipitation of the polyester dispersion. Emulsified liquid antioxidant & UV absorbers emulsion will gradually become the dominant stabilizers in the coatings industry. Capacities are greatly improved and will not affect the overall coating storage stability, especially in polyurethane dispersion systems. Easy to use, no need to disperse.


Baoxu Antioxidant & UV stabilizer for waterbased system

TypeNameCAS No.Physical FormCompare AsApplication
waterbased antioxidantBX AO 53LBlendMilky white/SBR, BR, NBR, Latex, ABS
BX AO 245W36443-68-2Milky whiteIrganox 245 dwPVC Terminator
BX AO 76L2082-79-3Milky whiteIrganox 1076Latex, Rubber, ABS
waterbased uv stabilizerBX UV 3842W127519-17-9Milky whiteTinuvin 9945-DWindustry water-based coating
BX UV 5400W153519-44-9Milky whiteTinuvin 400-DWHPT uv absorber
BX UV 101W12957-67-1Milky whiteTinuvin 123-DWNor HALS

Baoxu Waterbased antioxidant

  • BX AO 53L emulsion antioxidant is a blend of hindered phenol antioxidants and thioester antioxidants, used in styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, butadiene rubber, carboxylated styrene-butadiene, ABS, and natural latex.
  • BX AO 245W is a 35% solid content emulsion antioxidant as a terminator for PVC resin polymerization, replacing basf Irganox 245 DW.
  • BX AO 76L is a 50% solid-content emulsion antioxidant for Latex, Rubber, and ABS. Replace basf Irganox 1076 which is a solid form.

Baoxu waterbased UV stabilizers

  • BX UV 3842W is a universal uv absorber for industry water-based coating. replace basf Tinuvin 9945-DW.
  • BX UV 5400W is high performance uv absorber for aqueous systems like coating, and paint. replace basf Tinuvin 400-DW.
  • BX UV 101W is Nor light stabilizer for waterborne coating and paint, can be used together with BX UV 3842W or BX UV 400W, to achieve better performance, and replace basf Tinuvin 123-DW.

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