Aluminum Diethylphosphinate


Product Name: Aluminum Diethylphosphinate(ADP)

Equivalent Name: Diethylphosphinic Acid, Aluminum Salt, Exolit OP 930; Exolit OP 935; Exolit OP 945; Exolit OP 1230; Exolit OP 1240; Aluminium diethyl phosphinate; Aluminium tris(diethyl phosphinate)

Cas No. : 225789-38-8

Chemical Structure: C12H30AlO6P3

Product Form, White Powder, also available in masterbatch batch form.



Aluminum Diethylphosphinate flame retardant ADP functions as a flame retardant for engineering plastics such as polyamides, polyesters, and thermoset resins. Widely use to replace the Clariant OP series.


BX ADP series VS Clariant OP

Item Name CAS No. Equivalent to
Original Form
BX FR 930 225789-38-8 OP930/935 China Powder
BX FR 950 37640-57-6 OP950 China Powder
BX FR 1312 225789-38-8
OP1312 China Powder
BX FR 1314 225789-38-8
OP1314 China Powder
BX FR 1400 225789-38-8
OP1400 China Powder


  1. BX FR 930 Particle size D97<10-14um, the Main application is TPE, PU, and epoxy. Equivalent to Clariant OP930/935.
  2. BX FR 950 Particle size D97<30um, the Main application is PET. Equivalent to Clariant OP950.
  3. BX FR 1312/1314 Particle size D97<15um, the Main application is nylon PA6 and PA66. Equivalent to Clariant OP1312 and 1314.
  4. BX FR 1400 Particle size D9 20-40um, the Main application is nylon PA66. Equivalent to Clariant OP 1400.


Typical Properties

phosphorus content /% (w / w): 23 ~ 24;
Low moisture or volatiles  % (w / w): <0.5;
bulk density / kg/m3: 250 ~ 400;

Decomposition Temperature (℃) (TGA 1% weight loss):> 350;
Particle size distribution D50 (um): from 8um to 40um, different items, different particle sizes,
Packaging: With a paper bag lined with a plastic bag, a net weight of 20 kg


Transportation classification: No regulation for transportation.

Packing: 25kg/bag; 1mt/pallet; 20mt/20’FCL.


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