PFAS-free Polymer Additive

Things to know about PFAS.

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a diverse group of thousands of chemicals used in hundreds of types of products. PFAS in the environment can enter the food supply through plants and animals grown, raised, or processed in contaminated areas. On 7th February 2023, this new restriction proposal was published by ECHA. The restriction proposal seeks a ban on both the use and production of PFAS in order to reduce the risks these substances pose to humans and the environment. PFAS is a group of synthetically produced chemicals that are widely used in society.

Definition of PFASs Substances in the EU Restriction Proposal as below,

Any substance containing at least one perfluorinated methyl (CF3-) or methylene (-CF2-) carbon atom not bonded to any H/Cl/Br/I atom.

When a substance contains only the following structural elements, it is not included in the scope of this restriction:

  1. CF3-X or X-CF2-X’
  2. X is –OR or -NRR’
  3. X’ is methyl (-CH3), methylene (-CH2-), aromatic, carbonyl (-C(O)-), -OR”, -SR” or -NR”R” ‘
  4. R/R’/R”/R”’ is a hydrogen atom (-H), a methyl group (-CH3), a methylene group (-CH2-), an aromatic group or a carbonyl group (-C(O)-)

Polymer additives contain PFAS 

Polymer Processing aids,  flame retardants, and anti-dripping agents are three polymer additive categories that can contain PFAS, Baoxu Chemical also working on introducing environment-friendly chemicals for polymer industries.

PFAS-free Polymer Processing aids

Polymer Processing aids also know as PPAs,  are free-flowing additives made of modified fluoro-elastomer which improve the processing of polyolefin resin at very low levels of usage. BX Polymer Processing Aids are coated at the inside of the die wall and decrease the friction between melted resin and the die wall. The majority of polymer processing aids are fluoropolymer PPAs, while now due to the EU restriction proposal on PFAS Substances, fluoropolymer PPAs belongs to PFAS Substances, and it’s a big challenge to PPA manufacturer such as 3M and others. Baoxu Chemical takes that challenge and here we introduce our latest PFAS Free PPAsBX PPA S100, without fluoropolymers.

PFAS-free flame retardant

In the flame retardant group, BX FR 2025 is the best-performance flame retardant additive for Polycarbonate. BX FR 2025 shall be replaced with sulfonate flame retardants like BX FR KSS, BX FR HES and silicon flame retardant.

PFAS-free anti dripping

Anti-dripping agent whose main structure is PTFE which belongs to PFAS, are very effective auxiliary flame retardants for PC, PC alloys, and ABS alloys. Currently, all companies are working on alternatives to PTFE anti-dripping agents.

Question or inquiry regarding PFAS?

For further Questions or inquiries regarding PFAS free polymer additives, please contact our sales team, and will reply within 12 hours.