Hydrogenated Tallow Amine

Hydrogenated tallow amine introduction

Distilled gasified tallow primary amine (distilled industrial octadecyl amine) RNH2 (R is fatty alkyl). It has a weak irritating ammonia smell, is not easily soluble in water, and is easily soluble in oxyform, ethanol, ether and benzene. It is alkaline and can react with acid to produce the corresponding amine salt. white solid.

CAS 61788-45-2
Chemical C18H39N
MW 269.50896

Other names: hydrogenated tallow alkyl; FENTAMINEA-HT; Hydrogenated tallow amine, Hydrogenated tallow alkyl amines; (Hydrogenatedtallowalkyl)amine


Hydrogenated tallow amine Specifications

ItemUnitIndexTesting result
Primary Amine ContentmgKOH/g≥97.598.42
Total aminemgKOH/g208-219214.84
Freezing point≥4045.1


Hydrogenated tallow amine Application

Primary amine is an important intermediate in the synthesis of cationic and zwitterionic surfactants, widely used in mineral flotation agents, fiber waterproof softeners, dyeing auxiliaries, antistatic agents, material dispersants, anti-corrosion agents, fertilizer anti-caking agents, lubricating oil additives, bactericidal disinfectants, etc. Packed in a galvanized iron drum with a net weight of 160kg to keep dry, heat-proof, and moisture-proof.

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