Antifouling Agent 1-Naphthol formaldehyde

Antifouling Agent introduction

Antifouling Agent is particularly suited for the protection of the internal walls of reactors used for the suspension polymerization of PVC. It is used as an agent for coating the wall.

CAS number 25359-91-5

Physical form Liquid

Chemical name:  Formaldehyde copolymer with 1-naphthol, solution in water,  1-Naphthol formaldehyde.


Antifouling Agent Specifications

Appearance/Light yellow transparent low-viscosity liquid
PH value/12.0-12.8
Solid content%5.0-6.0
Density 20℃/ g/cm3/1.00-1.03


Antifouling Agent Application

It is applied to the inner surface protection of stainless steel reactor in PVC suspension polymerization. After spraying, a thin protective layer is formed on the surface of the stainless steel. The protective layer can only be wetted by water and cannot be wetted by the droplets formed by VCM or viscous VCM and PVC so that the material is not easy to stick to the kettle and prolongs the cleaning cycle. , Improve the utilization rate of each device, and improve the quality of resin.

Antifouling Agent TDS / MSDS Download