Ethylaluminum Sesquichloride

Ethylaluminum sesquichloride Introduction

 Ethylaluminum sesquichloride also known as triethyl aluminium trichloride is used as an organic catalyst. It is mainly used as a catalyst in the polyolefin industry, intermediate in the manufacture of organic compounds.

Other Nam:  Sesquiethylaluminum chloride (triethyl(di)aluminum trichloride), riethyldialuminium trichloride, EASC
Molecular formula: C6H15Al2Cl3
CAS number: 12075-68-2
Purity: ≥99.0%
Molecular weight: 247.5
Boiling point (1.33MPa): 204°C
Melting point: -50°C
Relative density: 1.09

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