BX CZ 2033P Heat Stabilizer for PVC Window Profile


Product Name: BX CZ-2033P

Stabiliser Type Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer

Product Form: White/Yellowish powder,25kg/bag.

Specific Gravity: 1.018-1.120 g/cm3

Melting Range: 80-150 ℃

Heating Loss: <2.5%


Features and Application

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-heavy metal; inhibit initial coloring, good long-term stability; good self-lubrication and vulcanization resistance, which improves the outdoor use effect of the product; good dispersibility and anti-segregation property, improve the color brightness and firmness of the product, to improve the appearance of the product; the special coupling effect endows the mixture with uniform plasticization and high-speed melt fluidity. It can increase the extrusion rate, and enhance the melt strength, weldability and impact strength.

BX CZ-2033P is recommended for environmentally friendly PVC materials: profiled materials, plastic doors and windows (GB/8814-2004), and so on. SGS inspection complies with EN71, EN1122, EPA 305B, PaHS and other environmental protection standards.


Typical Formula

Mixing process: Heat mix-cold mix. Operating temperature varies according to the result of the equipment.

MaterialsAdd / phr
PVC resin(S65、SLK1000)100
Processing Aids (ACR401)1-2
Impact Modifier ACR8-12
Toughening (CPE)8-10



25kg per bag.

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