BX CZ 3012 Heat Stabilizer for PVC Wire Cable


Product Name: BX CZ-3012

Stabiliser Type Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer

Product Form: White/Yellowish powder,25kg/bag.

Specific Gravity: 1.018-1.120 g/cm3

Melting Range: 80-150 ℃

Heating Loss: <2.5%


Features and Application

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-heavy metal; good inhibition of initial coloration, good long-term stability; good anti-separation, good dispersion, good vulcanization resistance; good processing performance, synergistic effect with epoxidized soybean oil (ESBO). Suitable for color and dark color products. 200°C Congo red time (C.R) not less than 70 minutes.

BX CZ-3012 is recommended for soft and environmentally friendly PVC materials: wire and cable materials, films, artificial leather and other products. It can be used to produce UL60-90℃ wire and cable materials. SGS inspection conforms to EN71, EN1122, and EPA3050B series environmental protection standards.


Typical Formula

Used as a color product is proposed to add 4-5phr, and black products is proposed to add 3-4phr. production formula recommended by the less chlorinated paraffin (impact Congo red time).

MaterialsAdd / phr
PVC resin100
Epoxy Soybean Oil4-6
Polyethylene wax0.7±0.1


25kg per bag.

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