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UV Stabilizers Portfolio

UV Additives including UV absorbers and light stabilizers (HALS) are widely used in polyolefins 55%, coatings of acrylic and polyurethane 20%, polyurethane and rubber 11%, PVC 10%, ABS resin 4%.


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NameEquivalent toCAS No.Features
UV Absorber
UV PTinuvin P2440-22-4benzotriazole for a wide array of substrates, yellow powder
UV 1130Tinuvin 1130104810-48-2liquid benzotriazole for solvent and water based coatings
UV 1164Tinuvin 11642725-22-6triazine for nylon and engineering plastics, yellowish powder
UV 1577Tinuvin 1577147315-50-2triazine with high performance and low volatility
UV 234Tinuvin 23470321-86-7benzotriazole with low volatility for high temperatures
UV 320Tinuvin 3203846-71-7benzotriazole for PVC, polyester, light yellow powder
UV 326Tinuvin 3263896-11-5benzotriazole with various plastics usage, light yellow powder
UV 327Tinuvin 3273864-99-1benzotriazole for plastic, coating, paint, light yellow powder
UV 328Tinuvin 32825973-55-1benzotriazole for plastic, coating, paint, light yellow powder
UV 329Tinuvin 3293147-75-9benzotriazole for plastic, coating, paint, light yellow powder
UV 360Tinuvin 360103597-45-1benzotriazole with very low volatility for acrylic resins, engineering
UV 384-2Tinuvin 384-2127519-17-9liquid benzotriazole for high-performance solvent/water-based coating
UV 400Tinuvin 400153519-44-9HPT for waterborne coating, white dispersion
UV 531Chimassorb 811843-05-6benzophenone for PVC, EVA, PP, PE, light yellow powder
UV 571Tinuvin 571125304-04-3liquid benzotriazole for PUR, PVC, PS, SBS, SIS, TPE, TPU, UP
UV 928Tinuvin 92873936-91-1benzotriazole for high-performance solvent based & powder coatings
Light Stabilizer
HALS 119Chimassorb 119106990-43-6hindered amine light stabilizer for agricultural films,anti-pesticide and acid rain, light yellow granules
HALS 123Tinuvin 12312957-67-1hindered amine light stabilizer for industrial and automotive coatings, light yellow liquid
HALS 292Tinuvin 29241556-26-7/
hindered amine light stabilizer for various coatings, light yellow liquid
HALS 622Tinuvin 62265447-77-0high molecular weight HALS with excellent color, low basicity, yellow granles
HALS 765Tinuvin 76541556-26-7/
liquid low molecular weight HALS in polyurethane
HALS 770Tinuvin 77052829-07-9low molecular HALS, especially for thick section applications
HALS 783Tinuvin 78365447-77-0/
synergistic blend of high molecular weight HALS
HALS 791Tinuvin 79152829-07-9
synergistic blend of high and low molecular weight HALS
HALS 944Chimassorb 94470624-18-9high molecular weight HALS, especially for thin section applications
HALS 2020Chimassorb 2020192268-64-7high molecular weight HALS, especially for tapes and monofilaments
3808PP5UV 3808PP5167078-06-0light stabilizer for polyolefins, polypropylene and TPO, waxy solid
3853PP5UV 3853PP5167078-06-0light stabilizer for polyolefins, polypropylene and TPO, waxy solid
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