UV Stabilizers Market, And Trend

Market Scale

In the year 2015, global plastic and coating UV absorber (include light stabilizers) market scale is about 13 Billion RMB, and with 3% to 4% compound average growth rate(CAGR) in next four years. This attributes to industrial development in emerging market plus significant growth in demand for coating globally.For example, automotive and industrial paint has driven the demand for polymer additives. With a threshold of high techniques in additives manufacturing and developing, UV absorbers (include light stabilizers) manufacturers were located in few chemistry-developed countries.Opportunities for growth exist in the new market and exploring in new applications.

UV Stabilizers Segment by Applications

Polyolefins 55%

Acrylic coatings, polyurethane coatings 20%

polyurethanerubber 11%

PVC 10%

ABS resin 4%


Technical Trend of UV Absorber, Light Stabilizers

  1. increase the molecular weight of UV stabilizers
  2. decrease alkalinity
  3. Multiple functions
  4. Reactivity by introduction function group