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How To Check A Chinese Company Step by Step Online?

Company Check Of Dongguan Baoxu Chemical Technology Ltd  (With How To Guide)

To obtain company licenses to check the authenticity and nexus of the company and bank on government website based in

the Peoples Republic of China

Prepared for whom may concern   24-08-2017

  1. Company Background

Company Name: Dongguan Baoxu Chemical Technology.,Ltd.

Address:  Room 1118 Caijing business building nancheng district Dongguan City


This company is established in 2008, has 10 employees and 80% are professional technical staff .current  yearly turnover is about 40million RMB (Chinese Currency,1USD≈6.66RMB in publishing date)

Main markets products are polymer additives include organic pigments, antioxidants, UV absorber, light stabilizers(HALS), optical brighteners,

Main application areas are plastics, paint, petrochemical industry (for antioxidant),adhesive,etc.70% of Baoxu chemical business is in domestic.

  1. Company License Check

Please find the company license check below, their company license information is same as information from the government website.

Company License information is as follows:

Registration No.: 914419006770868540

Company name: Dongguan Baoxu Chemical Technology.,Ltd.

Address: Room 1118 Caijin business building, nancheng district, Dongguan City,Guangdong province,China

Google Map:

Legal representative: chen bing

Registered Capital: 3,000, 000RMB

Scope of Business: research & development, sales of rubber,plastics products and auxiliary material, bulking lubricating,oil,other chemical materials(does not contain dangerous chemical goods);Import and export of goods

Established Date:9th  July, 2008

Company Type: company with limited liability

Valid: long term

Company license from baoxu chemical:

Information from government china national enterprise credit information publicly system, website:,put in the Registration No to check

information between Company license and government website matches

  1. Bank Information

( For confidentiality reasons, this part if only available upon request for customers)

  1. Export License Checking

Please find the import and export license check below, 

Information from General Administration Of Customs,P.R.China, website,put in the company name in Chinese to check

 information between import & export license and government website matches.

  1. The information of Sales Guy

Name: Bruce



Email:[email protected]

Conclusion: Everything matches between license and government website info, from this information, this company is legal.

How do i check my China supplier?

Q1: How to gather company information?

A: From company’s website or  from company license or  use website (put in the Registration No (Baoxu Chemical  is 914419006770868540) and you will find an online edition of company license information)

Q2: How do i understand Chinese on websites and paper?

if you use google chrome as browser, install “google translate extension”, it could translate online for you, as photo shown below.Or you could copy information from Q1 to translate into other software.Due to Chinese grammar is different, the translation is not always precisely.

Q3: How to check the information on your government website?

A: Using Registration No( Baoxu Chemical  is 914419006770868540) or full Chinese company name, both could copy it from Q1 website

Q4: How does these information matters to me?

From company check, you could

1.First, check out if the company is legal and still running. you wouldn’t like to deal with a canceled company.

2.Get ideas of if it’s a manufacturer or not, Chinese companies intended to declare they are manufacturers when been asked, as manufacturer character give them a cost strength and more professional impression. With the assumption that buyer will walk away if knowing they are a dealer ( we doubt that somewhat ) or other reason they give that reply.

From business scope, you could tell the character of a Chinese Company, business scope without word “manufacture” is not the manufacturer, this is always true. We can’t deny company may invest other manufacturer or factories one way or another.This will need new proof just than few words

Q5: Does the import & export license important?

A: our answer is yes.actually is not difficult to apply for this license, it could take less than one month and need several government department approval. While as you exporting, it worth getting and takes only hundred RMB (1USD≈6.5RMB on day 20170907).

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