Sodium Phosphate Dibasic

sodium phosphate dibasic introduction

Formula: Na2HPO4

Molecular weight: 141.96

CAS No.: 7758-79-4  EINCS NO. 231-448-7   EEC classification  E 339(ii)

Appearance: White powder

Other names:

Sodium phosphate dibasic
anhydrous sodium hydrogen phosphate
sodium hydrogen phosphate


sodium phosphate dibasic Specifications

AnalyteSpecification Limits Method
CONTENT, %98 minFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
P2O5, % 49 minFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
WATER INSOLUBLE, %0.2 maxFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
As(mg/kg)1 maxFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
Pb(mg/kg)1 maxFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
Cadmium (Cd), ppm1.0 maxE 339(ii)
Mercury (Hg), ppm1.0maxE 339(ii)
Heavy Metal (as Pb) (mg/kg) 10 maxFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
F(mg/kg) 10 maxFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
PH VALUE (10g/L) 8.8-9.4FCC/GB/ E 339(ii)
Loss of Dry, (%) 5.0 maxFCC/GB/ E 339(ii)


sodium phosphate dibasic Application

Used as an acidity-adjuster, emulsifier, and water-retaining agent, water softener, and used as nourishment in fermenting industry.

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