Nickel Sealing Agent


BX SS 555 is a pale green powder containing nickel sealing agent and is better than the sealing salt agent of nickel acetate. The sealing film quality is high without poor appearance such as uneven dyeing or smog on the processed surface on account of special ingredients.

Working condition

Concentration 5-10 g/L
Temperature 80-95℃
Time 1-2 min/micron
pH (25℃) 5.5-5.8
Agitation Air agitator


pH of the sealing solution may be varied because of the bring-in water, acid or alkali. Decrease the pH value by the addition of diluted acetic acid and increase it by diluted sodium hydroxide.
The sealing temperature should be controlled at 90℃ or above. If the process time is too long, the Al-part will produce powder on the film. If the pH value is beyond the scope of use, the reduction of sealing ability will also produce powder.
Filtration with a filter resistant to acid and high temperature is recommended.

Analysis method

 Take 10 ml of the sealing solution into the Erlenmeyer flask.
 Add 150 ml of de-ionized water, 10 ml of 25%-28% ammonia and a small amount of murexide.
 Titrate with EDTA standard solution.
 End point: The solution color turns from orange to reddish violet.
 Calculation :
C (PHS-555)-g/L = c*V*33.62
c: Mass concentration of EDTA standard solution-mol/L.
V: Titration amount of standard solution.

Package and storage

10kg/barrel. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place. To prevent the product from direct sunlight, high temperature and heat. To ensure it is sealed up after it is used.

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