Nickel Carbonate Catalyst

Nickel Carbonate Introduction

Nickel Carbonate, basic

CAS No. : 39430-27-8 or 12607-70-4

Molecular formula: C2H14Ni5O16

Purity: 38%, 40%, 43%, 45%… etc, product manufacturing on certain specifications from customers.

Packing: 25KG/250KG/1000KG bags, or to be packed based on customer requirement

Nickel Carbonate Application:

Basic nickel carbonate is an important chemical raw material, which is widely used in industrial catalysts, precise electroplating, printed circuit board electroplating, general alloy electroplating, Ni-Ni alloy electro-casting and ceramic industry etc. Besides, Nickel carbonate is the raw material to produce nickel salts. Also, it is a new chemical product that is replacing traditional petrochemical catalysts. In recent years, the increasingly enhanced awareness of environmental protection in the whole society is more stronger than ever, nickel nitrate worked as a traditional petrochemical catalyst is gradually replaced by basic nickel carbonate. Because there exists nitrogen oxide pollution in nickel nitrate, while the basic nickel carbonate does not exist nitrate, no nitrogen oxide pollution, which is a new petrochemical catalyst, to replace the traditional one is a must.

Nickel Carbonate Properties

1Mass fraction of nickel (Ni)%42-48
2Mass fraction of substances insoluble in hydrochloric acid, not more than%0,02
3Mass fraction of nitrates (NO3) no more%0,4
4Mass fraction of sulfates (SO4) no more%0,05
5Mass fraction of chlorides (CI)%0.01
6Mass fraction of iron (Fe)%0,002
7Mass fraction of cobalt (Co) no more%0,1
8Mass fraction of the sum of copper and lead (Cu + Pb) no more%0,01
9Mass fraction of zinc (Zn) no more%0,01
10Mass fraction of alkaline (K+Na+Ca+Mg) no more%0,3

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