N dodecyl mercaptan


N dodecyl mercaptan is a polymerization regulator of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin and synthetic fiber, especially commonly used in the manufacture of styrene-butadiene rubber and ABS resin.


Structural Formula: C12H26S

CAS 112-55-0


abbreviation: NDM


Appearance Colorless Liquid

Purity 98.50 % min

1-dodecanol 0.3 % max

Mercaptan sulfur 15.6 % min

Color, APHA 10 max


N dodecyl mercaptan is mainly used as a polymerization regulator for synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers, and synthetic resins; it is also used in the production of polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, drugs, insecticides, fungicides, detergents, surface hydrophobic modifiers, etc.


It has strong reducibility, wear labor protection when using, and operates in a fume hood. During storage, leakage must be strictly prohibited, stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated non-combustible material structure warehouse, and a small number of products can be stored at low temperatures. Keep away from heat and open flames, especially direct sunlight. Isolated storage and transportation with oxidants, combustibles and strong acids.

Tert dodecyl mercaptan is Class 3 Dangerous Goods, dangerous package available, land and sea transportation workable.