Synthetic Hydrotalcite BX DHT


BX DHT is a kind of aluminum and magnesium synthetic hydroxide, and it’s a status of ultramicro powder and has good dispersibility in processing. BX DHT is mainly used as an acid absorber in polyolefin processing. It has the appearance of white powder and is insoluble in water. Equal to Kyowa Kisuma DHT-4A.

CAS No.: 11097-59-9


Kyowa, Clariant, Baoxu Synthetic Hydrotalcite

BX DHT DHT-4AHycite 713


Synthetic Hydrotalcite Applications:

As an acid scavenger, BX DHT has the advantages of a high capacity of the acid absorber, no separate out, great heat stability than traditional Calcium Stearate, it has favorable applicability with plastic additives in processing, and the polymer will not occur yellow-turning. The product mainly used as:
1. Acid absorber in polyolefin processing;
2. UV absorber in agricultural PE、PVC、EVA;

Synthetic Hydrotalcite Specifications:

AppearanceWhite powder
MgO / Al2O3  Ratio%4.00 〜5.00
Loss on Heating (105±3°C)%1.00 Max
Heavy Metal (Pb)ppm10.00 Max


Package and Storage:

Should be stored in a ventilative, dry, shady, and cool place, protected from damp, light, and heat. The packing is 20kg net weight per standard export bag or carton with an inner PE bag.

Guide of Use

The product has good dispersibility, it could be used together with resin directly. Commix both of BX DHT and resin evenly and extrusion.


Synthetic Hydrotalcite TDS MSDS

BX DHT synthetic Hydrotalcite MSDS

BX DHT synthetic Hydrotalcite tds