Chromium Trioxide

chromium trioxide introduction

Chinese name: chromium trioxide

Other name :chromic anhydride; chromium(VI) trioxide
English name: Chromium(VI) oxide
CAS: 1333-82-0


chromium trioxide Specifications

The name of the indicatorsUnitValues
1Mass fraction (CrO3), at least%99,7
2Mass fraction of insoluble substances

in water, not less

3Mass fraction of sulfates (SO4), no more%0,06
4Mass fraction of sodium (Na) no more%0,05



Used for electroplating, making high-purity metal chromium, dyes, synthetic rubber and oil refining, production of low-temperature shift catalysts (also known as low-change catalysts, copper-zinc-chromium low-change catalysts) and high-temperature shift catalysts (also known as medium-change catalysts or oxidation catalysts) and high-pressure methanol synthetic catalyst.

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