BASF and China Antioxidant Compare

Overview of China polymer antioxidant industry

The chemical market in China is by far the largest in the world and will make up two-thirds of the total growth of the global chemical market over the next five years. BASF is the leading company in several polymer antioxidants. Recently years, with technical accumulation and development. More and more Chinese manufacturer enter polymer additives’ market and reshaped the competing.


Irganox 1010 vs China antioxidant 1010 equivalent

item unit china Industry standard BASF
irganox 1010
Our typical
Appearance / White to off-white powder Yes Yes
Volatiles wt% 0.50  max 0.3 0.28
Sulfted Ash wt% 0.10  max NT 0.02
Clarity of Solution / Clear Clear Clear
Transmittance 425nm 96.0  min 97.1 97.3
500nm 98.0  min 99 99.2
Melting Range 110.0—125.0 NT 117.3 -121.9
Purity(assay) wt% 94.0  min 98.8 96.6
Effective Components wt% 98.0  min NT 99.2
Produce Process tin-free

Irgafos 168 vs China antioxidant 168 equivalent

item unit china Industry standard BASF Irgafos 168 our antioxidant 168
Appearance White to offwhite powder Yes Yes
Volatiles wt% 0.30  max 0.1 0.16
Clarity of Solution Clear Clear Clear
Transmittance 425nm 98.0  min 99.7 99
500nm 98.0  min 99.8 99.5
Melting Range 183.0—187.0 NT 184.6-185.0
Purity(assay) wt% 99.0  min 99.8 99.8
2.4-DTBP wt% 0.20  max 0.05 0.12
Acid value mgKOH/g 0.30  max NT 0.03

Irganox 1076 vs China antioxidant 1076 equivalent

item unit china Industry standard BASF



our antioxidant


Appearance / white crystal powder white crystal powder white crystal powder
Melting Range 50~55 NT 52.3~53.2
Ash ≤0.10 / 0.03
Volatiles ≤0.20 0.1 0.02
Transmittance 425nm ≥97.0 99.5 98.5
500nm ≥98.0 99.9 99.2
Clarity of Solution clear clear clear
Purity(assay) ≥98.0 99.8 99.1



In mature polymer antioxidant species, Chinese producer is able to replace the leading brands in most applications.  Innovation and product stability is the breakthrough point of local manufacturer.

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[2] BASF product standard is pick up from BASF website site. product date is a random pick from certification of analysis(COA).