colorants and AO/UV price list

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China output 2/3 of global colorants including pigments and dyes, and 1/2 antioxidant/UV stabilizers nowadays. And has considerable influence on these product prices. Baoxu chemical expertise in colorants including Organic Pigment and Solvent Dyes, also stabilizers including Antioxidant/UV Stabilizers.

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Antioxidants and UV stabilizers’ price

For Antioxidant and UV Stabilizers, we regard they as standard products. The difference between BASF and China made antioxidant and UV stabilizer as follows,

1、Brand awareness and recognition.

2、Certification of products.

3、Batch consistency.


Colorants’ Price

For Organic Pigment, Solvent Dyes and Optical Brightener, the prices can vary from supplier to supplier. When choosing colorants, the buyer shall pay attention to not only prices, but also

  1. Purity, which relates to color strength, heat resistance and so on.
  2. Color shade, color shade can somewhat differ from supplier to supplier.

To avoid major discrepancy, we suggest buyer test the colorant sample as a confirmation sample, production afterward will accord with this sample. To be frank, we able to custom-tailor based on buyers’ budget if buyer insists to do so.

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