PVC Lead stabilizer


Lead stabilizers are considered as the most cost-effective form of heat stabilizers for PVC plastics. PVC compounds when stabilized with lead stabilizers show excellent heat and light stability, exceptional mechanical and electrical properties and display a wider processing range. Baoxu offers 4 lead stabilizers for PVC pipes, PVC resin tiles, PVC EDGE BANDING and foamed products.


Baoxu Lead Stabilizer Features

• Excellent heat stability

• Good electrical properties

• Excellent light resistance

• Wide processing window

• Good cost-performance

• No detrimental effects on the Vicat softening temperature of rigid PVC

• Low solubility in water, no leaking into the environment

• No odor during processing and in the final product

• Low water absorption

• Lead compounds are chronically toxic to biology

• Not suitable for transparent products, discolor in contact with sulfur-containing compounds


Baoxu Lead Stabilizer Products

NameapplicationAppearancedosage %
BX PB-2145PVC resin tilesWhite or yellowish flake2-6
BX PB-2447PVC pipesWhite or yellowish flake2-6
BX PB-2647PVC EDGE BANDINGWhite or yellowish flake2-6
BX PB-2945PVC profiles, foamed productsWhite or yellowish flake2-6


net weight 25kg per bag, 1000kgs per pallet


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