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Industry antioxidants are widely used in rubberplastics, petrochemical, adhesive and sealants etc. Here we list frequently used polymer antioxidants below.

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NameEquivalent toCAS No.Features
Primary Amine
BX 5057Irganox 505768411-46-1liquid aromatic amine for processing and LTTS
Primary Hindered Phenolic
BX 1010Irganox 1010,
Ethanox 1010,
Songnox 1010
6683-19-8general phenolic antioxidant
BX 1024Irganox 1024,
Lowinox MD 1024
32687-78-8phenolic AO and metal deactivator, for wire cable
BX 1035Irganox 103541484-35-9sulfur-containing phenolic AO for wire and cable
BX 1076Irganox 10762082-79-3low color, general phenolic antioxidant
BX 1098Irganox 109823128-74-7the best antioxidant for PA
BX 1135Irganox 1135125643-61-0liquid phenolic AO, specifically for PUR
BX 1520Irganox 1520110553-27-0synergistic, multifunctional AO for elastomers and TPE
BX 1790Cyanox 1790, Songnox 1790, Lowinox 179040601-76-1sterically phenolic AO for PUR, PP, PET, gas fading & high extraction resistance
BX 245Irganox 24536443-68-2phenolic AO for styrene polymers, adhesives, sealants, coatings
BX 3114Irganox 3114, Songnox 3114, Ethanox 31427676-62-6non-discoloring phenolic AO; high extraction resistance
BX 330Ethanox 330,
Anox 330
1709-70-2for PE/PP wire, cable, film, hot water pipe
BX 565Irganox 565991-84-4AO for BR, IR, SBR, NBR, Adhesive,Tackifier Resin
BX 697Irganox 69770331-94-1sterically phenolic AO and metal deactivator
BX 702Ethanox 702118-82-1excellent oil AO, for PP/PE/ABS and rubber
Auxiliary Phosphite
BX 168Irgafos 168, Ethaphos 368, Alkanox 240, Songnox 168031570-04-4hydrolytically stable phosphite, most widely used
BX 626Ultranox 62626741-53-7high-performance phosphite antioxidant for engineering plastics
Auxiliary Thioester
BX 1726Irganox 1726110675-26-8for adhesives, elastomers and related products
BX 412sNaugard 412s, Songnox 412029598-76-3sulfur ester AO, higher stability than dltp/dstp
BX DLTDPIrganox PS 800,
123-28-4thioester AO with low melting point, for polyolefin, PS, ABS
BX DSTDPIrganox PS 802,
693-36-7thioester AO with low melting point, for polyolefin, PS, ABS
BX 225Irganox B 22531570-04-4/
synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, low phosphite content
BX 215Irganox B 21531570-04-4/
phenol/phosphite blend, medium phosphite content
BX B900Irganox B 9002082-79-3/
Synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, high phosphite content
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