Solvent Orange

Solvent Orange Dyes

Typical solvent orange dyes for plastics are listed as the table below. For inquiry or sample, please help to fill the form below and we will back within 12hours.

Product C.I.Index Synonyms CAS No
Solvent orange 107 SO 107 Solvent orange R 5718-26-3
solvent orange 14 SO 14 Solvent orange EP 6367-70-3
solvent orange 60 SO 60 Solvent orange 3G 6925-69-5
solvent orange 63 SO 63 Solvent orange GG 16294-75-0


solvent orange 14

solvent orange 14, solvent orange ep, cas 6367-70-3 Chemical: CI structure number 26020 Nonyl ketones Molecular formula: C22H17N5 CAS registration number …

solvent orange 107

Solvent orange 107, transparent orange r, cas 5718-26-3 Chemical: Molecular Formula : Poly methine CAS registration number 5178-26-3 Synonym name: transparent orange r…

solvent orange 60

solvent orange 60, transparent orange 3g, cas 6925-69-5 Properties CI structure number 564100 Amino ketones formula: C18H10N2O CAS registration number…

solvent orange 63

solvent orange 63, fluorescent orange gg, CAS 16294-75-0 Specifications: Formula: C23H12OS appearance: fluorescent green shade yellow powder CI index: C.I.solvent orange 63 Synonym: fluorescent orange gg Application: solvent orange…