Solvent Blue Dyes

Typical solvent blue dyes for plastics are listed as the table below. For inquiry or sample, please help to fill the form below and we will back within 12hours.

Product name C.I.Index Synonym CAS Number
Solvent blue 104 SB 104 Blue 2B 116-75-6
Solvent blue 122 SB 122 Blue R 67905-17-3
Solvent blue 35 SB 35 Blue 2N 12226-78-7
Solvent blue 36 SB 36 Blue AP 14233-37-5
Solvent blue 67 SB 67 Blue G 12226-78-7
Solvent blue 78 SB 78 Blue GP 2475-44-7
Solvent blue 97 SB 97 Blue RR 70956-30-23

solvent blue 97

solvent blue 97, transparent blue rr, CAS 32724-62-2 Chemical CI structure number 615290 Molecular formula: C36H38N2O4 CAS registration number 32724-62-2…

solvent blue 104

solvent blue 104, transparent blue 2b, cas 116-75-6 Chemical: CI structure number 61568 Molecular Formula: C22H30N2O2 CAS registration number 116-75-6…

solvent blue 122

solvent blue 122, transparent blue r, CAS 67905-17-3 Properties CI structure number 60744 Molecular formula: C22H16N2O4 CAS registration number 67905-17-3…

solvent blue 67

solvent blue 67, transparent blue g, cas 12226-78-7 Chemical: Phthalocyanines CAS registration number 12226-78-7 Synonym name: transparent blue g solvent blue 67 is a very clean green…

solvent blue 78

Solvent blue 78, transparent blue gp, CAS 2475-44-7 Chemical: Formula: C16H142O2 appearance: pure blue color powder CI index: C.I.solvent blue 78 Synonym name: transparent blue gp Application Data item PC…

solvent blue 36

solvent blue 36, transparent blue ap, CAS 14233-37-5 Chemical: Formula: C20H22N2O2 appearance: blue powder CI index: C.I.solvent blue 36 Synonym name: transparent blue ap…

solvent blue 35

solvent blue 35,  Transparent blue 2N, CAS 12226-78-7 Specifications: appearance: deep blue color powder CI index: C.I.solvent blue 35 Synonym: transparent blue 2n Application:…

solvent blue 136

Solvent blue 136, transparent blue 3R, CAS 359630-27-6 Chemical: appearance: reddish deep blue powder CI index: C.I.solvent blue 136 Synonym: transparent blue 3r Application Data: key features of solvent blue 136 are acid, alkali and heat resistance, good compatibility and stability…