PPA Introduction

BX Polymer Processing Aids (PPA)

PPA Introduction

Polymer Processing Aids are free-flowing additives made of modified fluoro-elastomer which improve the processing of polyolefin resin at very low levels of usage. BX Polymer Processing Aids are coated at the inside of the die wall and decrease the friction between melted resin and the die wall.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates die build-up
  • Excellent thermal stability for high-temperature processing
  • Ideal for use in high viscosity, high molecular weight polyolefins
  • Lowers apparent melt viscosity
  • Speeds colorant change

PPA compare table

Baoxu 3M Dakin
BX PPA 5911 Dynamar FX 5911 DA 310ST
BX PPA 5922 Dynamar FX 5922
BX PPA 5920 Dynamar FX 5920 DA 910
BX PPA 5924 Dynamar FX 5924 DA 912


PPA specifications

PPA item Product Form Bulk Density Particle size/mesh Application
BX PPA 5911 Free-flowing Granular 1.1 50 Wire& cable
BX PPA 5922 Free-flowing Granular 0.72 20 Blow film
BX PPA 5920 Free-flowing Granular 0.72 25 Blow &

packaging film

BX PPA 5924 Free-flowing Granular 0.7 25 Blow film, wire & cable, cost-effective


20kg/Carton, 480kgs per pallet.

Production Capacity


PPA Processing Guideline:

  1. Typical dosage 0.02% -0.1%
  2. Dispersion is critical for good performance
  3. 20-60 minutes conditioning time
  4. 2-5% concentration masterbatch to have good dispersion or direct addition during polymer pelletization
  5. Twin screw extruders
  6. Sufficient mixing screw elements to avoid heavy shear

Sample and Inquiry

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