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Optical Brightener Tinopal CBS-X

Chemical Name:

2,2′-([1,1′-Biphenyl]-4,4′-diyldi-2,1-ethenediyl)bis-benzenesulfonic acid disodium salt

Formula C28H20S2O6Na2
MW 562
CAS# 27344-41-8

Synonym Name:

Tinopal CBS-X, Fluorescent Brightener 351 (FB 351 ) , C.I.351, Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X


Appearance Yellow powder
Water content ≤5%
Purity ≥99%


>Features: High solubility; Easy to formulate in all product types; No staining (pre-spot); Good photostability; Outstanding whitening; High affinity to cellulosic fibers; High exhaustion rate; No greening after repeated washing.

>Optical Brightener CBS-X is used in whitening detergent, concentrated liquid detergent, soap,washing powder, water based coatings, also used foe fiber, nylon, wool, paper, cotton, T/ C Blends.

>Tinopal CBS-X recommended concentrations: 0.05-0.5% depend on the application and degree of desired whiteness.

Handing and Safety:

>For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


10/15/25kg per drum,or according to customers’ requirements.