textiles optical brightener

Optical brightener brightening colors or mask yellowing by optically yield a brighter, fresher appearance. It’s synonym name OBA which is also known as fluorescent whitening agent(FWA) or fluorescent brightening agent(FBA).

Typical optical brightener for textiles is ER-I, ER-II, 4BK.

  • ER-I is also known as fluorescent brightener 199. It’s used in whitening and brightening polyester fiber.
  • ER-II is also known as fluorescent brightener 199:1, used to whitening polyester, polyester/cotton, polyester/yarn, polyester/linen, and other blended fabrics. Both CAS number is 13001-39-3 and could be in powder or liquid form.
  • 4BK(fluorescent brightener 113) is used in whitening cotton fabric and polyester/cotton blends.