BX Barium Zinc Heat Stabilizer

Introduction – What is PVC Stabilizer?

When PVC is at 100-150°C, ultraviolet light, mechanical force, oxygen, ozone, hydrogen chloride, and some active metal salts and metal oxides will accelerate the decomposition rate on the basis of its own decomposition.

For the processing of PVC, thermal decomposition does not change its properties much, mainly affecting the color of the finished product, and adding heat stabilizers can inhibit the initial colorability of the product. In addition, if there is oxygen in the thermal decomposition process of PVC, there will be colloidal carbon, peroxide, carbonyl and ester-based compounds. In this case, it is necessary to add a heat stabilizer in the process of PVC processing, so that to a certain extent, it can replace the unstable chlorine atoms in PVC, absorb hydrogen chloride, and undergo addition reactions with unsaturated parts. Inhibits the degradation of PVC molecules. Baoxu offers liquid barium zinc heat stabilizer(Ba/Zn heat stabilizer)  for PVC film, PVC transparent products, and PVC calendering products.


Features of Barium Zinc heat stabilizer

  • Environment-friendly, no harmful heavy metal, meet the ROHS and REACH standard
  • Good coloring at the beginning improves product color brilliance and firmness
  • Good stability in the long term.
  • Good dispersibility, excellent melting, and plasticizing with PVC.superior to powder stabilizer
  • Good printing performance, good absorption of powder, no dots in painting
  • Resistant to vulcanization pollution.
  • Excellent transparencyResistant to separate

BX Barium Zinc heat stabilizer for PVC

BX BZ-139LiquidBa/Zn stabilizers for PVC high-filled calendering films& PVC tarpaulin4.0-6.0
BX BZ-136LiquidBa/Zn stabilizers for low VOC films2.0-3.0
BX BZ-137LiquidBa/Zn stabilizers for transparency screen films1.6-3.0
BX BZ-135LiquidBa/Zn stabilizers for electrical adhesive tapes2.0-3.0
BX BZ-138LiquidBa/Zn stabilizers for auto films3.0-4.0
BX BZ-508PowderBa/Zn stabilizer for calendering films2.0-3.0
BX BZ-506PowderBa/Zn stabilizer for foamed shoes& artificial leather2.0-3.0

Heat Stabilizer by PVC process

Baoxu offers heat stabilizer by PVC process below

  1. Heat Stabilizer for PVC Foaming
  2. Heat Stabilizer for RPVC Extrusion
  3. Heat stabilizer for Calendered packaging
  4. Heat Stabilizer for RPVC Injection
  5. Heat Stabilizer for Transparent PVC
  6. Heat Stabilizer for opaque PVC

Heat Stabilizer by Applications

Baoxu offer heat stabilizer by applications below

  1. Heat Stabilizer for PVC pipe, fittings
  2. Heat Stabilizer for PVC foaming
  3. Heat Stabilizer for PVC window, profile
  4. Heat Stabilizer for PVC wire, cable
  5. Heat Stabilizer for PVC plate, sheets
  6. Heat Stabilizer for PVC film

BX Heat Stabilizer Product list

Ca ZnBX CZ 2024Fpvc pipe, fittings4.5-5.5powder
Ca ZnBX CZ 1048W pvc foaming4.5-5.5powder
Ca ZnBX CZ 3048W WPC3-5powder
Ca ZnBX CZ 2033Ppvc window,profile4.5-5.5powder
Ca ZnBX CZ 3012pvc wire,cable3.0-5.0powder
Ca ZnBX CZ 801290℃ pvc wire4.0-5.0powder
Ca ZnBX CZ 3112105-125℃ pvc wire8-15powder
Ca ZnBX CZ-1059Transparent pvc1.0-3.5powder
Ba CdBX BC-142pvc wood grain decorave films3.0-4.0Liquid
Ba CdBX BC-143pvc auto films2.0-3.0Liquid
Ba CdBX BC-147pvc advertising films4.0-5.0Liquid
Ba CdBX BC-145pvc ceiling films3.0-4.0Liquid
Ba ZnBX BZ-139pvc filled calendering films& pvc tarpaulin4.0-6.0Liquid
Ba ZnBX BZ-136pvc low voc films2.0-3.0Liquid
Ba ZnBX BZ-137pvc transparency screen films1.6-3.0Liquid
Ba ZnBX BZ-135pvc electrical adhesive tapes2.0-3.0Liquid
Ba ZnBX BZ-138pvc auto films3.0-4.0Liquid
Ba ZnBX BZ-508pvc calendering films2.0-3.0Powder
Ba ZnBX BZ-506pvc foamed shoes, artificial leather2.0-3.0Powder
TinBX Tin 181pvc1.0-2.0Liquid
LeadBX PB-2145pvc resin tiles2-6Flake
LeadBX PB-2447pvc pipes2-6Flake
LeadBX PB-2647pvc edge banding2-6Flake
LeadBX PB-2945pvc profiles, foamed products2-6Flake

Heat Stabilizer Product Form & Package

powder, flakes, and liquid and the package can be 25kgs per bag or 200kgs per drum



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